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Our Process


We ask the internal stakeholders key questions that mine out what’s important to them and the trust challenges you are trying to solve. This is the starting point to our strategy development


After determining your needs, we will develop concepts for all activities and designs. This includes the specific design categories, sections, channels, and internal brand ambassadors.


At this stage we will get all relevant content, existing processes from stakeholders. We will include running the prototypes by the internal stakeholders to test for ease and functionality and adapting feedback into the design


Testing the designs and making any last minute revisions to ensure all deliverables meet the goals and outlines.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Our process and approach is in-depth, mullti-phased, highly collaborative and allows for input from key stakeholders. We customise our process for each client, tailored to fit their needs, the scope of the project, and the overall budget.
CEO Plum Edge
Toluwani Adeniyi
CEO,Founder, Lead Consult.

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