• Client: Build on the go
  • Date: Nov 2023
  • Managed by: Plum Edge
BOG is a mobile platform that empowers you to oversee projects globally

making dreams a reality. For everyone looking to own a dream structure, BOG makes this process easy and seamless. 

We were approached to develop the best marketing tactics for BOG to launch into the market and hit a milestone of 5000 downloads. 

Since the launch, we've created multiple campaigns to help us achieve our goals. We leverage the power of social platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to highlight their expertise and gain visibility in their target market.

We have been able to strengthen the brand through consistent and visually appealing content.

Presents a simple and quiet state when not in use, delivering a gentle and security.At the same time, the camera can adapt to a variety of environments, providing elegant ways of wall hanging and standing installation.

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